"Deeply expressive and melodic...this soundtrack flavored piano music evokes a peaceful and inspired feeling."
Spirit Quest

"I keep very little instrumental music in my collection...this is one I am hanging on to."
Midwest Music Review

Wonderful and unique melodies that you can remember.
Reviewer: Hills Happenings

I've made a habit of comparing instrumental piano cd's. Generally they are characterized by chordal movement with patterns of arpeggio. This is truly the most melody driven piano cd that I have enjoyed. I find myself humming the tunes and wanting to hear them again.

It is the calm and peace that one craves...
Reviewer: Penny Alderman

"After a busy day at my fast-paced office, it is a joy to come home and listen to 'Great Sky'. It is the calm and peace that one craves - to unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. If you love beautiful and moving piano music, you will love the music on Great Sky".

This music is beautiful and inspiring to me."
Reviewer: Kelly Parks-Hoffman

When I first sat down to listen to this new cd, Great Sky, I was not prepared for the gift I was about to receive. As I sat listening, something deep inside me stirred and I began to cry. Because of your music and what you've accomplished, I again felt a sense of value for my own talents. This music is beautiful and inspiring to me."

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