Some things in life may always remain a mystery. Like how a small boy from the unlikely hamlet of Hoven, SD--where big hearted, heavy handed nuns taught boys and girls how to play piano--grew to be a talented songwriter and pianist. How could this be?

With his debut CD 'Great Sky', Martin Meyer ultimately provides the answer. In this case, the real mystery is not how, but rather, how is it that it took so long? You see, Marty could actually whistle before he could walk, flirting with the moniker of "child prodigy" after glimpsing just one episode of Andy Griffith. "I remember being drawn to the piano from the start. We had an old upright, and I loved playing with it. Although other listeners may argue, it was music to my ears." Shortly thereafter, the family moved to the nearby metropolis of Aberdeen, SD, and the old upright was left behind. The first in a series of temporary roadblocks.

Lacking his keys, Marty picked up the sax ("it was easier to carry to gigs"), which he continued playing through college. When he was eleven, his mother purchased a piano and started him on lessons. Throughout High School, he excelled at both instruments and achieved some local notoriety: On saxophone in the jazz band where he earned several statewide awards for outstanding musicianship, and on piano and vocals in the short lived yet highly acclaimed rock band "USS". Upon graduation, after considering the suggestion of a teacher that he attend Berkeley School of Music, Marty opted to attend college at his hometown Northern State University and stay close to family. "Majoring in music seemed like the obvious choice, but it felt like the wrong one. I wasn't interested in becoming a teacher or band director at the time, I really just wanted to get out there and play".

A year later, with that thought in mind, he relocated to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota to start a band with his brother and friends. The "Benny Puppet Band" blazed a bright trail of pop-rock cover tunes and original music for several years. Eventually, the band broke up and Marty was again forced to confront one of lifes puzzling questions..."what do I really want to do?" The next few years were spent in various sales jobs, and although the life of a vacuum salesman is not inherently uninteresting, he realized it was not for him.

Music beckoned once again, and Marty at last set off to Los Angeles, eventually enrolling in the prestigious Grove School of Music to commit to the study of piano and music theory. He recalls it fondly as "some of the best years of my life"......."I had wonderful teachers and classmates, and for the first time in my life was completely immersed in music full time. It just felt very right." During the next few years, his musical portfolio expanded, including teaching, studio session work, collaboration on independent film scoring projects, and most notably his original keyboard demonstration music for Yamaha Musical Instruments. It appeared he had found his focus at last......but then a mysterious omen came true. "One of my music teachers once said that 'the worst thing you can do for your career is to find a good paying job', and that is exactly what happened to me." Switching his focus away from music, Marty became a partner in a high-tech software start-up. Six years later, with little time spent on music, burn-out ensued. The Black Hills called out as the remedy and Marty returned to South Dakota.

It took a few more years and a little more soul searching, and then.......

"I feel blessed that no matter what I was doing or where I was, music never left me alone. It's always been there beckoning me, even through all the distractions. I'm a firm believer in fate, and right now feels like perfect timing. I'm doing my best to just get out of the way and let the music sing."

And you know what? It sings to the mystery that has been Marty's--and perhaps our own--journey in this life. It states, with obvious clarity, that when one shirks the pressures of the world, the should-haves and could-haves and must-do's, when one is stripped of all that to simply be who they are and do what they do best, then something wonderful emerges. His debut CD ÔGreat SkyÕ is a testament to living the life one is intended to live, regardless of how long it takes to get there. It is, in essence, a meditation of self-discovery, an answer to the mystery.

Indeed. It isn't that mysterious after all...

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